„A robot bringing you the perfect range of matching construction components”

This is Motedis.

No matter how ambitious your project is: from a model railway to industrial structures, you can find anything you need in our online shop.

Our broad selection of products includes high quality and versatile aluminium profiles, profile accessories, mechanical components, drive components and 3D printing materials.

Having a robot as a supplier has considerable advantages. We fully automated the purchase process in our online customer interface and cut off unnecessary services to be able to offer you very competitive prices ? for big orders as well as for small orders. In this way, industry standard products are available to anyone who is able to deal with a robot of few words. Our customers don?t require product applications assistance as they already know exactly what they need and how to use it to make their ideas come true. Motedis was originally founded to supply businesses with premium quality products. Although our main focus is still on B2B commerce, everybody - multinational companies and private customers, technicians and non professional creative minds alike - has access to our building components at the same conditions. This is our contribution to the DIY culture and also our way to come forward as a fair alternative on the Goliaths market.

Every day we move one step closer to our target. We improve our robot and our product range.

Start building anything from a simple frame to complex shelving systems, workbenches and 3D printers with our aluminium extrusion profiles. Thanks to their light weight and great precision and stability, they can be used for a wide variety of applications. Our profiles are cut to the desired length and ready for use together with the relevant accessories. Brackets, fasteners and nuts can be inserted in the slot of the profile, making it easy to join the parts together. You can find all the profile and connector combinations on our practical product overviews for electricians, makers and mechanical makers. Also 3D printing enthusiasts will be able to choose among various kinds of materials. Have a look at our 3D printing filaments in ABS+, PLA, PET-G and POM in various colors.

Happy building!

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